Privacy Policy

Here at The Pig Next Door, our goal is to always see to it that the fresh, tasty bacon we sell is delivered to your door in perfect condition. We take this goal very seriously, because nothing makes us happier than hearing how much our customers have enjoyed their latest shipment.

Each month, we pack our bacon in specially designed materials that will keep your shipment cool and fresh until it arrives at your door. All shipments are sent via expedited delivery, and we only ship our bacon on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays so it won't spend the weekend in some stuffy warehouse in the middle of nowhere.

To ensure the freshness of your bacon, we will notify you via email a few days before each shipment to remind you that your bacon will soon be on the way and to inform you of your shipping and estimated delivery dates. If you need to delay your delivery because you're going to be out of town, or you'd like to temporarily change your address to a more convenient location, simply email or call us to let us know.

In order to guarantee that we're able to reschedule your delivery date or send your shipment to a different address, we need to hear from you at least two business days before your scheduled shipping date. If your bacon is scheduled to ship on a Monday, please contact us no later than the end of the previous Wednesday so we can make the proper arrangements.

You may also schedule alternate delivery options well in advance if that's more convenient for you. For instance, if you know you're going to be visiting Paris in May and won't be in town to accept any shipments, feel free to contact us months in advance to let us know. It won't bother us. It might make us jealous, and we might ask if we can come with you, but it won't bother us.

Heat is a great thing when cooking bacon, but it is not so great when you're shipping bacon. As part of our summer shipping policy, we suspend all bacon shipments during the months of July and August to ensure the bacon you receive from us is always in optimal condition when it arrives. If you are scheduled to receive bacon from us in July, it will arrive along with your June shipment; if you are supposed to receive bacon in August, we'll include it with your September shipment. Bacon freezes exceptionally well, so we suggest you pop that extra package straight into the freezer so you can enjoy it later. Trust us, it's always good to have an emergency supply of bacon in cold storage.

From time to time, we also may have to postpone shipments to some parts of the country until the weather cools down a bit. Once the weather cooperates and it's cool enough to resume normal delivery, we will include any postponed bacon shipments along with your next scheduled delivery.

While there's nothing we'd rather do than share our love of artisan bacon with customers throughout the entire world, The Pig Next Door regrets that we can only ship bacon to addresses within the United States due to various customs restrictions.