he Pig Next Door's Bacon Club is the perfect gift for any lover of delicious, high-quality bacon. Once a month, our Bacon of the Month club members receive a package of premium bacon from one of America's finest bacon artisans. You won't find any of that mass-produced supermarket stuff in our pen. Why not? Because we all deserve better bacon.

Most bacon for sale at your local supermarket is made using highly industrialized processes. It's treated with liquid smoke and soaked in salt water, then it's sliced and packaged. That's why supermarket bacon shrinks so much when you cook it. Once all that water cooks away, you don't have much bacon left in your pan to show for the money you've spent. Less bacon in the pan means less bacon in the tummy. The Pig Next Door doesn't think that's cool.

Bacon delivered to your home by The Pig Next Door — now that's a different story. This is old-school bacon, made the traditional way. This is bacon that's been expertly cured with salt and spices, and then slowly smoked over a real wood fire. In other words, this is bacon with some serious flavor. Sure, it takes more time to make bacon this way. But once you taste it, you'll never buy bacon at your local supermarket again.

We offer two options for serious bacon lovers. You can become a member of our Traditional Club and receive some of the most amazing bacon you'll ever taste delivered to your door once a month, or try our Heirloom Club and enjoy delicious bacon that comes from old-fashioned, heritage breeds of pigs like Berkshire, Tamworth, and Duroc.

Get ready to enjoy bacon the way it's supposed to taste. The Pig Next Door wouldn't want it any other way.


Enjoy a different artisan bacon delivered right to your door every month. Each shipment of delicious bacon will arrive with tasting notes and recipes customized to take advantage of that month's selection. It's all guaranteed to put a smile on your bacon-loving face.

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Traditional Bacon Club

It's the most succulent bacon you can imagine, made from heritage breeds like Berkshire, Tamworth, and Duroc. The animals are raised by farms that practice sustainable methods and treat their pigs humanely, and by farmers motivated by flavor, not profit.

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